Why We Offer Silent Night At The Best Prices

Posted by Nate Rutan on

If you're a long-time user of Silent Night liners, you've probably either bought them from Amazon, or another DME / HME company.

Or you may have gone directly to their site. All of those options are fine, except that you won't find the same pricing as you do here.

Because we also love finding a good deal, we've decided to pass along the savings that we get from selling them here instead of Amazon. 

When we first started selling on Amazon, it was great, but the problem is that there are lots of fees that get taken right off the top. It makes sense, because they are giving sellers access to their vast network of shoppers.

But the problem is that the cost gets pushed back down to you, the CPAP user that just wants to get better sleep.

Purchasing your Silent Night liners here at Composed Sleep Solutions, you'll get the exact same product, and excellent service. 

We ship fast too. Usually within a few hours. And we'll even fulfill your orders over the weekend. Yes, we are dedicated to helping you.

But why? 

I'm a former CPAP user myself, and I absolutely understand the issues with wearing a CPAP mask. Both of my parents are CPAP users as well. I guess you could say it runs in the family.

Here at Composed Sleep Solutions, we believe in the American Dream. We believe in small businesses. We believe in helping others whenever and wherever we can. 

That's why we are giving you the discount that would have ended up in a large corporate pool, not in your pocket where it belongs. 

Especially during these difficult times, your finances need to stretch further than before. 

Go ahead and make this your monthly stop for Silent Night liners.

And drop us a line as well. We'd love to hear from you.